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Koh Chang   |    Open from 12:00 to 22:00



"Probably the best Italian  restaurant in Koh Chang"

If you are looking for a good Italian plate of pasta or a pizza, this is the perfect place to stop and enjoy authentic Italian cooking. MARCO offers quality, freshness, experience and a warm welcome.

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Marco Cerani, was born in Legnano (MI) the 3rd of April 1985.

He attended the ’Istituto Alberghiero “E. Maggia” of Stresa, a famous school on the Maggiore lake, where he obtained the certificate as Technician in Food Services in the year 2004. During the summer of 2001, Marco attends a stage in Rimini's National Hotel where he is hired until the beginning of the school year. 

During the holidays of the successive year, Marco went back to work in Rimini at the Ardea Hotel. In the fourth year, the Institute proposed him a stage in the restaurant "De Pisis" of the well known ’5 stars Hotel Bauer' in Venice where he got hired and learned the techniques of creative cooking from executive chef Giovanni Ciresa where he specializes in pastries. 

After his studies, he went to work in the famous and exclusive hotel on the Canal Grande where he built a remarkable culinary experience. 

Subsequently, Marco moves to Trentino at the Castel Toblino Restaurant where he works with the chef Stefano Bertoni as responsible for the pastries area. 

Later he moves to Denmark (Veeback) to work in the La Vela Restaurant. 

In 2007 Marco decides to move to Koh Chang in Thailand, where he now runs the Italian Restaurant "MARCO".

Marco and his spouse Tippawan have two sons, Davide and Matteo.

They also operate a small resort near the beach called Villa Marco.

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